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Chibi crash final by alpha-dragon Chibi crash final by alpha-dragon
Inspiration is something I've struggled with for a long time. Usually my inspiration comes form external sources, but with this creation it was mostly from myself. While working on my personal portfolio and website I came to a point were I was stuck I'd written a little about myself and most of the projects I felt deserved comment, but I felt like something was missing from that little "about me" blurb. 
All my life I've hatted writing, mostly because when it comes to most important things I need to communicate words, FAIL me. Art on the other hand some how always found a way to show what I could not spell or communicate with with proper delivery. In my gallery I'm still blown away by how some of my old art from high school can bring back memories that should have been forgotten just because the art spoke to me then and still does to this day.
Back to the landing page on my website; I wrote a little piece on myself. I fucking GRIT my teeth almost hard enough to bight my tongue off but I did it. Those words are not me though all my life I've been an artist first. I needed a piece of art to go with it. My entire site is built around my Chibi navigator piece… so it had to be something that would fit with that style. Yesterday morning I had an idea; me the Chibi navigator playing with a toy air plane. That was not enough to dedicate almost my whole day to it's creation.
I thought about my career path and history with pretty much anything that mattered, and for a grown man with the mind of an infant it's been disaster after disaster but through it all I've made it unharmed and with the dumbest fucking look on my face. All while probably headed in the wrong direction. The idea was born me having the time of my life with nothing but the wreckage of my failures in my wake.
Yeah maybe not the best thing to show to potential employers but if I want to be anything it's honest with myself. If anyone can see it for what it really means themselves then they'll know more about me than I could ever explain in an interview. I'm going to fail, I'm going to mess up, I'm going to do it over and over again, but I'll still be there pushing through to make it out the other end. (including working on this piece itself)

Technical details: I wanted to get this done in less than 20 hours and had an unbelievably busy day even without working on this at every moment I could if I had to guess it probably took me 12-15 hours including 1 hour of lost progress when Illustrator crashed and I had not saved in a while. I saved this as a PNG for the transparency to implement it into the webpage a little better. and fuck internet explorer witch will probably not display it correctly I don't care at this point. Here's the site if you care to see it.
bye for now.
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